Henry Ruff

Henry Ruff

Where are you originally from?

Harford County, MD. I live on a farm in Bel Air that has been in my family since 1682.



Who inspires you? 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is someone I look up to. One of my hobbies is lifting weights, and I’ve always tried to see how Arnold did things when he was in his prime. I also enjoy a lot of his movies like T2! He just seems like a genuine guy and I appreciate that.



What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I really enjoy weightlifting! I’ve dabbled in strongman lifting and powerlifting. I find it fulfilling being able to lift things that many cannot. Outside of the gym, I enjoy getting coffee at Starbucks or local shops.



Do you have a secret talent or a hobby?

I’ve been told that I’m good at voice impressions. My best are probably Yoda and Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars and Kermit the Frog.



What drew you to the field of PR and communications?

I like talking to people and being a point of connection. I didn’t want to work in a standard office where I was in a cubicle and I didn’t have any chance to put the creative parts of my brain to use.



What do you find most interesting about cybersecurity or technology?

It evolves so fast and it has so many uses. Being born in 1997, I grew up with a lot of the technology we have today. For example, when I was young there were flip phones and by the time I was out of college there were advanced smartphones.

Author : Matt Hampton