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From the Desk of Wayne Schepens: Pivoting To Help Clients Achieve Success

Open office space with four employees on laptops.
In July, temperatures rise while the LaunchTech office sizzles each morning as account teams hit the ground running. Daily, our team executes on planned tasks with precision and yet, often, we are confronted by unexpected ventures that require deft problem solving, succinct communication and practiced teamwork. It is in these moments that the true spirit of LaunchTech shines.
Our goal at LaunchTech is to immerse ourselves in our client’s company, mission and workforce; engaging with each client as though we are a part of their internal team. Through this undertaking we have become adept at pivoting to meet reorganized priorities, delivering recommendations that align with their strategic plans and achieving success — in whatever form ‘success’ happens to take for each client. Our team reflects the spirit of the entrepreneurs who have started and grown many of the companies that we are now fortunate enough to work with — brimming with willfulness and resolve to take each idea by the horns and see it through to realization.

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