2021 PR Trends


Throughout 2020, brands have learned to be more flexible and agile and will need to continue pivoting their communications strategies and tactics through at least the first half of 2021. Here’s what LaunchTech Communications is keeping in mind as we plan for our clients and what we recommend you think about for your brand as you plan for the coming year:


Marketing & PR Collaboration 

The line between Marketing and PR roles has become increasingly blurred thanks to overlapping tools. For example, social media is an important advertising tool for marketers and it’s an equally important community building tool for PR pros. The new year will see even more collaboration across communications disciplines as these teams work to align brand messaging to reflect company values, product/service differentiators and thought leadership. 


Showing, Not Just Telling

E-books, videos, infographics, oh my! Visual representations of key messages will be instrumental in capturing key audiences’ valuable attention. This stands true not just for prospects and investor relations but also for pitching stories to the media. Don’t just tell your news, show it! 


Leading with Metrics

Data is king. In the same vein as showing, not telling, include important metrics as points of proof within pitches and messaging. Most readers have a keen understanding that information is meant to be scrutinized, fact checked and supported by evidence. 


Did your threat intelligence researchers notice an uptick in SMS phishing attacks in the financial sector last quarter? If that’s the story you want to share with the public, include quantitative information, such as the timeframe examined, the percentage increase in attacks, and the market share of the companies targeted. Boom! You’ve got a metrics-driven story! 


Balancing Authoritative with Authenticity 

It’s typical for brands with limited experience executing PR to make the mistake of sounding robotic when putting pen to paper, especially when trying to convey technical information. Let your thought leaders add their own personal flair to their messages and comments! These  soundbites tend to be the most successful with reporters and on social media. 


Remember, authenticity is key when trying to build a rapport with your audience and stakeholders. 


Internal Communications Gets a Seat at the Table

Come the latter half of 2021, pending COVID-19 trends, your company might explore returning to the office in phases. In the meantime, watercooler chats, coffee breaks and company parties continue to be nonexistent. Ultimately, your team is missing out on hands-on professional development opportunities and moments of bonding with peers. To combat this, internal communications tactics are going to be just as important as external communications. 


Get the team involved in what goes out on your company’s social media, create an internal-facing weekly or monthly newsletter and don’t forget to celebrate wins and holidays virtually




Excellent communications programs require extensive coordination between numerous company departments, and sometimes, external vendors. If 2020 has taught enterprises anything, it is that digital and online communication is the most surefire way to connect with key audiences.


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Author : Kate D. Shapiro