LaunchTech is an emerging tech PR and marketing agency focused on creating proactive, ongoing communications and marketing campaigns that yield measurable results for clients in the business-to-business and business-to-government high-technology marketplaces. The firm helps launch, build and sustain integrated communications campaigns for technology companies of all sizes – from emerging start-ups to established multi-billion dollar brands. This is done through strategic PR, social media, content development and go-to-market strategies. The LaunchTech team is aggressive, strategic and proactive, ensuring its clients achieve business goals and capture market visibility and market share. If high-tech growth is your business, contact us at

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Following the successful start and exit of his own software company, Wayne Schepens reflected on the communication disconnect he experienced between his team and traditional PR agencies. Most firms Wayne encountered were unable to jive with early-stage company culture and struggled to turn his company’s expertise into messaging that would cultivate credibility among both technical and non-technical audiences. To close this gap, Wayne formed LaunchTech Communications in 2015.


LaunchTech is a PR agency that understands and appreciates the accelerated pace of emerging technology company culture and is wholeheartedly dedicated to raising brand profiles through detail-oriented, strategic communications programs.


Today, we serve fast-paced, global companies that are disrupting high technology markets and challenging traditional thinking. Our veteran team of PR and AR professionals possess unparalleled industry expertise, an extensive body of work and a resolute commitment to produce immediate results while simultaneously laying the groundwork for long-term brand visibility and recognition. Our clients are consistently featured in the news as market leaders and thought leaders, above the noise and ahead of the competition, as a result of our aggressive and agile tactics execution.


Simply put, we Aim Higher.

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LaunchTech’s leadership, Managing Director Wayne Schepens and SVP Operations Kate D. Shapiro, has over 40 years of combined tech, marketing and PR experience. Our Accounts Team is composed of top-notch strategic communication professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable about technology and cybersecurity!

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Working in PR is a grind. You know it. We know it. Your dog knows it. So why not work for an agency that actively combats grind culture? We value our employees’ hardwork and dedication to clients, and celebrate it with an industry-leading compensation package. 


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Our core services are customizable and scalable to meet the needs of companies ranging in maturity from startup to IPO.


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