What we do

LaunchTech Combines Deep Technical Experience with Innovative Communications and Marketing Activities to Enhance Brand Visibility and Credibility.


Our clients are positioned to gain instant market credibility and relevance.


We create credibility campaigns establishing your company as a thought leader.


Our team creates and delivers compelling, targeted content to clients’ most strategic audiences.


We help clients identify and engage in online conversations their audiences care most about.

Core Services

LaunchTech’s PR and AR programs are tailored to meet your specific business objectives, from elevating brand recognition and increasing valuation to controlling share of voice. We aim higher, ensuring key performance indicators exceed expectations.




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Product Launch

Media Relations

LaunchTech helps thought leaders build lasting relationships with reporters who cover their niche market and mainstream media. A mix of rapid response to breaking news stories, addressing urgent media requests for comments, and proactive pitching are executed to secure a robust pipeline of coverage. LaunchTech arms all media-facing spokespeople with briefing materials so they are well prepared for interactions with media and influencers, whether that be in-person and virtual. 


The LaunchTech Difference? We prioritize creativity, impact and urgency to ensure your comments and messaging stand out from the crowd. Our strong media relationships, paired with a strategic approach to pitching, earns a high frequency of responses from reporters.

Analyst Relations

Analyst firms have incredible influence over how markets are defined and how products are categorized. Analysts can be great champions for your company and may even incorporate your products into their research reports once a consistent relationship is established. LaunchTech also offers a Gartner and Forrester Engagement Management service.


The LaunchTech Difference? We don’t limit analyst relations to just ‘big names.’ It’s important to think of analyst relations as networking, casting your net far and wide. You never know which analyst could be working with your ideal customer, or will be your best advisor and biggest champion.

Messaging & Content

Our team of technical writers and communication experts craft unique content tailored to your specific objectives. Whether your goal is to educate a target audience via a press release or highlight your leaders’ expertise through a contributed byline article, our skilled writers are proficient at producing content that complements your marketing team’s SEO efforts.


The LaunchTech Difference? A piece of content isn’t ‘done’ once it is finalized and published. We believe in leveraging and amplifying content across all of your owned media channels to enhance its reach, and we provide marketing guidance on how to make the most of it.

Awards & Speaking

The right award wins, speaking engagements and thought leadership initiatives are incredibly effective for establishing corporate credibility. These forms of third-party validation demonstrate to key stakeholders (investors, prospects, current customers, partners, recruited talent, etc.) that your company and product are leaders in the market.


The LaunchTech Difference? We put ourselves in your shoes, which means we only recommend the highest value opportunities for all corporate credibility avenues. We have a strong track record of successfully securing award wins for clients based on our carefully crafted submissions. Before speaking ops, we provide clients with intensive prep sessions to ensure a successful engagement.

Social Media

A strategic social media content calendar is an absolute must for maintaining an online presence for your brand. From profile management to content creation, our team works to demonstrate your brand’s thought leadership while incorporating your marketing team’s objectives. Engagement is the name of the game when it comes to metrics!

The LaunchTech Difference? Part of our social media onboarding process is conducting extensive research on your market and competitors to determine an optimal content mix.

Research & Surveys

Publishing insightful data that sheds light on specific incidents or industry trends helps set your brand apart from competitors. Our team helps identify your ideal research partner, design survey questions, draft the final report and drive publicity campaigns upon publishing.


The LaunchTech Difference? When considering a piece of content as rich as a research report or survey, LaunchTech works closely with the research partner and your team to identify a hypothesis that will not only drive interest from a marketing and sales perspective, but also for the media. Together, we design the study with clear questions that will prove or disprove the hypothesis and result in headline-worthy content.

Company & Product Launches

Our established track record of company and product launches speaks for itself. Companies that were launched under LaunchTech’s guidance are successfully acquired in as few as 11 months. Others secure significant Series A and B funding at an accelerated rate. We leverage our business and communication expertise to launch companies and products with a bang! 

The LaunchTech Difference? Our team is well-known in the global investor and VC community. These close ties give us insight into the key metrics and milestones investors are looking for when considering companies during funding rounds.