LaunchTech is 100% dedicated to technology and cybersecurity public relations. Our PR professionals are highly skilled at elevating complex products and services through compelling messaging tailored to resonate with both technical and non-technical audiences.

Making Phishing a Mainstream Media Topic

Raise awareness of phishing threats among the general population, including non-technical individuals.

$20M Series A Funding Announcement

Secure extensive coverage for Series A announcement during crowded newscycle (COVID-19 & 2020 U.S. Election)

Growing Followers and Engagement on LinkedIn

Support lead generation efforts by creating original, organic content that balances marketing’s efforts and audience education.

Strategic PR: LaunchTech Helps CyberGRX Own Their Message and Market

From Tactical Hits to Strategic Wins: Transforming CyberGRX’s Public Relations Approach

Saving the Rhinos, Corporate Social Responsibility

Identify a unique and meaningful way to further enhance company culture and corporate reputation.

From Inception to Acquisition: The Vigilante Story Powered by LaunchTech

Behind The Brand: Unveiling Vigilante’s Rise as a Dark Web Intelligence Leader with LaunchTech’s Expertise.

The First 60 Days with LaunchTech

This is what a typical PR engagement launch looks like. Spoiler! We hit the ground running.

  • Assigned a talented Account Team
  • Complete a Kickoff Meeting to introduce and acclimate all key parties to the engagement plan.
  • Conduct 30-45 minute Thought Leadership Interviews with each spokesperson on your team who will be engaging with the media
  • Collaborate to establish Key Messaging and Themes that your company wants to own in the market
  • Deliver a strategic PR and Communications Plan and a tactical 3-month calendar of content and activity plans
  • Communication is our thing – You can expect to hear from us most days
  • Schedule bi-weekly Status Calls to report on the most recent achievements, initiatives in progress and upcoming activity
  • Immediate Media Outreach; begin initiating proactive outreach and rapid response opportunities
  • Initiate the creation of content pieces including Blogs and Byline Articles as they fit into the content calendar

Other important deliverables and milestones:

  • Deliver Metrics Reports (at an agreed upon cadence) with comprehensive analysis of KPIs
  • For important occasions (ex: Board Meeting) we will deliver a LaunchTech PR Activities Presentation