7 Work from Home (WFH) Tips from the LaunchTech Team


The LaunchTech Communications team began our work from home (WFH) era on March 17. Now that we are nearly two months into it, the team has decided to share their tried-and-true WFH tips. We are eager to return to the office once things settle in Maryland, but in the meantime, these tips might just help you get through the remaining weeks!

Tip 1: Whole-Heartedly Commit to a Pre-Work Routine (courtesy of Kate S. and Katie B.)

Just because you aren’t driving to the office and going into your normal workspace doesn’t mean you can’t have a routine. The lack of a commute means there is extra time in the morning to ease into the day! Get up early with a purpose: walk the dog, listen to a podcast, do a workout, cook breakfast, and drink a non-negotiable cup of coffee. Getting the mind and body flowing before work will make your day all the better!

Tip 2: COFFEE (courtesy of Cole C.)

While coffee is a component of other tips, it is one all by itself as well. Whether you have a traditional coffee pot or an insulated french press, having hot coffee nearby throughout the day is a must. It might just even get you in the habit of brewing your own even once things return to normal and ultimately help save you money by skipping your usual, daily — twice a day — trip to Dunkin or Starbucks. 

Tip 3: Tackle Tomorrow’s “Little Things” the Night Before (courtesy of Dan W.)

To be proactive, start tackling tomorrow’s smaller tasks the night before. Try drafting a few emails in advance of when you need to send them so they are ready to fire off first thing in the morning. This frees up time in the morning to focus on bigger tasks and priorities. 

Tip 4: Get Your Vitamin D (Safely) (courtesy of Sara K.)

Make getting a daily dose of sunshine a priority (while following social distancing guidelines, of course). When it comes time to take a lunch break, step out onto your balcony, patio, roof, front porch, or what-have-you to breathe in the fresh air. Taking a post-work walk helps to combat the claustrophobia that many are feeling at this point. 

Tip 5: Do a Chore as a Work Break (courtesy of Taylor H.) 

Every morning, pick a “chore” to do around the house in the afternoon between tasks or calls. It doesn’t have to take long, just something to get you standing and up and away from any bad sitting posture or give your eyes a rest from the screen. For example, unload or load your dishwasher; take out the recycling; put away your clean laundry that came out of the dryer two days ago; vacuum the living room; organize your desk area. It’s always a good feeling to have accomplished something small during the day that isn’t work-related.

Tip 6: Make a Point to Move Around (courtesy of Henry R. and Kathleen L.)

Staying in one spot throughout the workday can make people a little stir crazy. It can leave you with writer’s block or feeling uninspired by a certain task. Changing work stations can help open you up to a new perspective and rejuvenate your creative juices. Simply getting up and moving every now and then is critical. If doing a chore in between meetings (see Tip 1) or calls isn’t your jam, try doing a few walking laps around the kitchen to stretch your legs. Need more structure? Every hour on the hour drop down and do 10 push-ups, squats, or whatever activity suits you. 

Tip 7: Use a Physical To-Do List (courtesy of Bridget K.)

Digital tools are all well and good, but I find having a good old fashioned to-do list written out on a notepad is what helps keep my day on track the best. Each morning I jot down all my priorities for the day and have the list next to my keyboard — it’s a great visual reminder for when I find myself flip-flopping between tasks too often. It is also way more satisfying to physically check off an item then it is to digitally click one away! 

Author : Wayne Schepens