Pairing Analyst Relations & PR: From the Desk of Wayne Schepens


Analyst relations and public relations are two services that aren’t paired together in conversation as often as they should be. This is especially true in the tech and cybersecurity worlds. Running independent strategies on both fronts is a missed opportunity. The two are mutually inclusive and beneficial. Press releases, coverage, contributed bylines and other examples of thought leadership help prove to analysts your company has significant, real world momentum and analysts can help hone in messaging that will resonate with target markets. 


The reality is analysts are industry influencers. Forming relationships with the right analysts has the potential to not only impact the development of your brand’s messaging, but also the definition of its whole category. Being able to lay claim to being on the leading-edge of a category is invaluable when pitching your product or service to the prospective customers. When analyst relations and public relations are executed in tandem by an experienced tech PR agency, they can produce incredible results! 

Author : Wayne Schepens