Are You Ready for 2022?


As an eventful 2021 comes to a close, the LaunchTech team is providing a glimpse into the future with their 2022 predictions.  Are you ready for the new year? From inclusion and diversity to influencer marketing, our team envisions a future that places added importance on trusted partnerships with a PR agency. Read our full predictions below:


Henry Ruff

Senior Account Coordinator

In 2022, companies will begin to truly see the value that PR can provide in all its aspects. During the pandemic, many companies had to understandably cut costs, but those who maintained their marketing and advertising teams will come to find that they’re now in a stronger position compared to their peers. In tech, we’re in for a digital renaissance of sorts. Being cooped up for as long as we have, I think people had the chance to think outside the box, and this could lead to new and exciting innovations on the road ahead.


Kate Shapiro

SVP, Operations

Reporters at tech and industry publications will be keen to curate more sources who are researchers and/or the folks at companies who are “pulling the levers”. These people have unique and specific views that are not yet broadly included in coverage around cybersecurity. In this same vein, a much stronger push for diversity and inclusion within articles sources, event speakers, etc. will be the hallmark of 2022.


Sara Knott

Account Director

2022 is going to be the year of the influencer. We’ve already seen social media stars from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube secure massive brand deals across the entertainment and retail industries—look at Addison Rae’s multi-million-dollar Netflix deal. However, influencers are no longer just the Kardashians of the world, and any prominent figure in an industry could work with companies as an influencer. I anticipate that this trend will trickle over into the cybersecurity space. Whether its high-profile analysts, journalists, executives or researchers, companies are going to start incorporating influencers into their PR and marketing strategies. As PR professionals, this will likely result in working with these influencers to develop content, promote on social media channels and engage in company events.


Steve James

Content Marketing Manager

Reporters, along with many outlets, will continue to rely on contributed content to meet the increasing demands of their audiences. This will remain an incredible opportunity for PR and marketing agencies to take control of their client’s messages and provide an effective way to gain instant credibility with placements in third-party outlets. 2022 will be the year for imaginative, informative and enlightening contributed content that separates your organization from the pack.


Taylor Hadley

Senior Account Director

Private lives and corporate missions became inextricably linked over the past two years. As we head into 2022, I anticipate that organizations (both large and small) will be eager to find ways to retain and strengthen this connection. When it comes to the technology industry where so many exciting innovations are impacting both organizations and consumers, 2022 will be a unique time for PR and marketing teams to get even more creative in their messaging and initiatives. Cybersecurity specifically is becoming more and more ingrained into mainstream awareness and news cycles. As cybersecurity attacks impact more people in their everyday lives, in ways that have not historically been tied to cybersecurity, communicators have an important role to play in improving the public’s understanding of their risks and also the defenses being deployed on their behalf.


Wayne Schepens

Managing Director

Reaching back to the past to predict the future – straight from the “Iron Chef” – creativity will reign supreme! Companies will get bored with the typical agency run-of-the-mill offerings. It’s time to step it up! Agencies best suited to help their clients come up with unique ways to elevate their message and take it mainstream will have a huge leg up. This means suggesting novel ways to engage with popular outlets and expanding reach to new audiences. The days of CMOs following their old playbooks are over. We will push our clients and fill in the gaps where they fall short!


Launch into 2022 with a Trusted PR Agency

Ready or not, 2022 is coming. A PR agency can help any organization achieve their strategic goals and launch their brand to new heights. Whether you need support with content development, social media campaigns or media relations it is important to work with a team of industry experts that support your growth.


If partnering with a PR agency is one of your goals for 2022, get in touch with LaunchTech today!

Author : Steve James