Back In The Saddle Again


The LaunchTech team recently flexed its conference muscles with a much-anticipated return to RSA 2022 in San Francisco. While this was a great opportunity for us to learn more about the industry and capture trends, the highlight of the trip were the in-person meetings and candid discussions we had with our clients. Zoom fatigue is real and this was an excellent chance for us to strengthen relationships. There is no substitute for being able to sit across a table from someone to collaborate. 


While I saw a few weak attempts to own a buzz phrase that has little to no meaning, I walked away from RSA feeling that the cybersecurity industry is more important than ever. The headlines tell us that almost every week there is a breach, a new zero-day exploit or nation-state attack. Our innovative cybersecurity companies are on the frontlines each day against cybercriminals that seek to sow discord for their own benefit or that of their state sponsors. If the past few years tell us anything, it is that these attacks won’t let up anytime soon. 


As financial worries begin to creep back into the news, and resources become constrained, companies may also be put in a difficult position when it comes to hiring and retention. This will place added importance on agencies that may be asked to wear multiple hats for their clients. 


As public relations practitioners we have an important role in highlighting the expertise of our cybersecurity professionals and also bringing to light important topics, like that of the cyber talent shortage. I am bullish on the ability of public relations pros to partner with cybersecurity and technology companies to help foster positive change.


The summer of 2022 started off with a bang at RSA, and I expect that it will continue to be a busy time of year for LaunchTech. With Black Hat in August, there will be no letting up as we continue to connect our clients with industry thought leaders and analysts. Each one of our clients has an important story to share, and I am thrilled that my team has a role in telling it. 


If you are not yet a LaunchTech client, I encourage you to connect with my team to learn more about how we can support your marketing, communications, content, and public relations efforts. 

Author : Wayne Schepens