Black Hat 2021 Lessons Learned


The LaunchTech team was thrilled to attend Black Hat in person this year! While our days were filled with supporting clients and meeting with potential partners, we were able to learn more about the future of the cybersecurity industry and in-person events. Here are a few of our lessons learned:

  1. Cybersecurity isn’t going anywhere but up [the chain]. In fact, many companies are gaining broader buy-in from the board, c-suite and stakeholders — and attempting to show them how they can wrap their arms around “cyber”. Vendors are adjusting their message to speak less about speeds and feeds, and more about how to integrate security into the business. This is a positive change that we expect to see more of in the future.


  1. Nothing can replace an in-person meeting. We’re suckers for in-person meetings and our experience at Black Hat only reinforced our love of them. Nothing can replace in-person interviews, analyst briefings or huddling over a table and “hashing out” ideas as a group.


  1. Community is everything. Pull 5,500 people together for a common goal in 2021 and you’ll find yourself in a group who respects each other’s thoughts and is able to find a whole lot of [refreshing] common ground.


  1. Jet lag is real. For those of us who traversed time zones to get Las Vegas, we were struck with the terrible realization that our brains could not transition as easily as they previously had. With more in-person events on the horizon, we hope to get back in “travel shape” soon.


  1. PR works best when a company integrates an agency into their mission. By connecting your agency with a wide variety of team members, consistently informing them of long-term strategy and tactical changes, you enable your agency to work as a partner, rather than an off shoot. When trust is established and tight collaboration takes place, PR is exponentially more rewarding and effective. We are fortunate to work with clients who do just that!


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Author : Kate D. Shapiro