Black Hat 2022 Lessons Learned


The LaunchTech team recently made the trek to Las Vegas for Black Hat 2022. We enjoyed the face-time with our clients and it was an action-packed week! From media briefings at the slot machines to fancy sushi dinners with clients and members of the media, here are a few of our favorite takeaways: 


Sara Knott 

Account Director 


This year, in addition to our standard conference agenda of staffing in-person media and analyst briefings and enjoying face time with clients, LaunchTech took the opportunity to step into the journalist’s shoes to conduct interviews on cybersecurity coverage in the media. We held video interviews with our clients on-site, asking them what cybersecurity-related headlines they wish they could see in the media and what is overhyped and/or underhyped in the media. Now, did we spend 30+ minutes trying to figure out how to set up the tripod, ring light and microphones? Yes. But, did we have a whole lot of fun? Absolutely! I hope we continue to spark these conversations about cybersecurity coverage in the media, making it a more mainstream media topic. And I hope the video interviews can become a new LaunchTech tradition at conferences. Who knows, maybe Taylor and I will start the first LaunchTech podcast? 


The biggest lesson I learned is that time is of the essence, and sometimes you have to get creative. It became extremely evident at this year’s Black Hat that everyone’s schedule was booked, especially reporters, who are required to attend keynotes, sessions and write articles. Their time is limited, and they want to connect with people, not companies, so providing an opportunity to unplug from work and make a meaningful connection is key to cultivating lasting relationships! 


Taylor Hadley 

Vice President 


In the past, I might have said something like… “another year, another Black Hat!” But this year didn’t feel like any other. The contrast from Black Hat 2021 to 2022 was stark—there were more attendees, sponsors, booths and events overall. Following two years of uncertainty, it’s clear that companies are continuing to examine the best ways to approach these big cybersecurity events. That being said, Black Hat 2022 had all the energy I remember from 2019, and just as many creative booth ideas (if not more). 


One of the more optimistic takeaways from the week was a reminder that our workforce is getting more tech savvy every single day. I imagine that 25 years from now, cybersecurity will still be a cat and mouse game of the bad guys constantly innovating at pace with (or ahead of) the good guys, but with the general population becoming more technically advanced, the landscape of scams and attacks will undoubtedly be different, yet again. 

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Author : Emily Pellini