Content is King


The post-COVID-19 “return to normal” has not happened as quickly as envisioned. While many people are returning to the office, it appears that pandemic-induced day-to-day impacts are here to stay as virtual meetings and events remain prominent in the workplace.


COVID-19 changed our lives and how we do business—possibly permanently. It especially reinforced how critical content is as part of your marketing and public relations strategy. Organizations need to provide content to interested audiences that expects digital-first materials that won’t waste their time.


Content as a relationship builder


In 2021, people are looking to do business with organizations whose culture and values align with their own, and are looking to build a relationship as much as they are looking to purchase a product or service.


Think of your content as an opportunity to open a window into your business that highlights your culture alongside your product. If a passerby looks into the window and doesn’t like what they immediately see, they will continue shopping for a perceived better fit.


Instead of relying on the usual sales-first tactic, it is important to demonstrate organizational values and the real impact your organization has, along with the solutions you offer. Be sure to keep this top of mind while developing your content strategy.


Make your content work for you


  • Always keep your audience in mind while creating content. Use words and phrases they will understand and avoid jargon. Need help understanding your audiences? Talk with your sales team about what their customers need.
  • Use contributed content to gain credibility, trust and thought leadership clout.
  • Differentiate yourself by demonstrating your values but avoid performative content. If your organization has positively impacted its community, be sure to tell that story!
  • Content doesn’t have to be written! In a recent survey, 80% of video marketers noted that video increased their organization’s sales. Now that we are all virtual meeting experts, try recording content on your computer or phone.
  • Communicate directly with your audiences through social media, use your posts as an opportunity to build a relationship and display a genuine, human side of your brand.
  • As always, take the time to read and edit your content before posting. Don’t let a typo or grammatical mistake ruin your first impression with a potential business partner.


Digital content is here to stay and is vital to a healthy organization. Do you want to learn more about creating content that will work for you? Get in touch with LaunchTech today!

Author : Steve James