Context is King: Major Transitions in the Insider Threat Industry


Prior to Snowden, organizations were focused on protecting networks, not information. As the ever-evolving insider threat industry starts to hone their sights on behavior analytics, we need to consider how an individual’s behavior correlates with the rest of their organization.

LaunchTech’s Wayne Schepens offers insights on considering the source of the threat, whether it be malicious or unintentional, during a webinar sponsored by Forcepoint and FedScoop, “A Federal Business Case for Funding Your Insider Threat Program.” Eric Ogren, a Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research, Michael Crouse, Director of Insider Threat Strategies at Forcepoint and Wyatt Kash, VP, Content Strategy, of Scoop News Group also contributed to this webinar.

As organizations are bombarded by more and more alerts, it is vital that they develop a system to filter out the meaningless threats from the backbreaking ones. Without comparing individuals to their prior behaviors, peers and points of access, organizations will continue to welcome potentially compromised employees. The most dangerous component to insider threat programs is a lack of context. If everything is a priority, than nothing is a priority.

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Author : Matt Hampton