From the Desk of Wayne Schepens: Delivering Insightful Commentary to Reporters


It can be challenging to switch business mindsets from sales and marketing to public relations when you have your hands in all aspects of a company. The messaging you share with reporters should be different than what you say to prospects in sales decks and email blasts. Unless you’re participating in an interview that is specifically about your company, reporters don’t want to hear about your unique selling points — they certainly won’t write about them if that is what you opt to share.

Reporters reach out to you to gather insightful commentary on specific topics and trends because you are the expert in the trenches.

Just like you want your company to stand out from similar ones, reporters want their articles to stand out from others with similar topics. They achieve this by incorporating different points of views. When sharing thoughts with a reporter the best way to differentiate yourself from other thought leaders who have been tapped as a source is delivering supplemental anecdotes, data, research, and use cases. In my experience, reporters remember sources who have been particularly helpful by providing this type of practical information and seek to build an ongoing relationship. Moral of the story, turning off “marketing speak” mode and focusing on delivering reporters insightful commentary is what will give you the best shot to earn coverage.

Author : Wayne Schepens