How do I know if something is newsworthy?


Navigating today’s fast-paced media landscape requires impeccable timing, determination, and an understanding of the nebulous world of “newsworthiness.” While the term may be difficult to define, here are some suggestions from the LaunchTech team on how to determine if something is newsworthy or not: 


Henry Ruff

Account Manager

Newsworthiness isn’t something that is decided by an individual, rather it’s something that is decided by a group of people. While one person may feel that a piece of news is impactful and important, those same feelings may not be shared by others, and therefore it may not be considered newsworthy. Consider it this way – how often do you read or watch a piece of news and think “why should I care about this?” What’s considered newsworthy to you may be different to others.


Sara Knott

Account Director

It’s important to consider the significance and relevance your story has. Think of it this way: Why is this piece of news important to readers? If the news uncovers information on previously unreported topics or events it will likely gain interest. However, if the news you are sharing reiterates already previously covered stories, then it will not. It is also important to consider what call to action this news has. Spoiler alert: if there is not a call to action, it will not be considered newsworthy. And, why is this news important now? If the news is not timely and coinciding with current events and topics, then it will not be of interest. It is also important to remember even though your organization may have a B2B business model, businesses do not ingest news, people do. If your news doesn’t have some sort of human element to it, then it is way less likely to be covered.


Taylor Hadley

Senior Account Director

In my opinion, “newsworthiness” is subjective. It depends on who you ask, what day it is, and how blue the sky is that day. A piece of company “news” for example could be wildly intriguing to one reporter, but completely irrelevant to another. It’s important to first determine the appropriate audience for the announcement – who do you want to tell your news to? And then ask questions like, is this new or unique? Will it help people? Your bit of news will be more meaningful if you can build a story around it on a larger scale.


Wayne Schepens

Managing Director

Being a judge of what’s newsworthy and what isn’t is very difficult. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype that is happening with your own company. As an owner, you are surrounded by people that often will just tell you what they think you want to hear. The key to success is to be your own strongest critic. If you consider most of the positive outcomes you are seeing at your company are not unique, but also happening with thousands of others in your industry, you can focus on only those top highlights. The news is the same, you have to consider everyone else out there has great thought leaders, wonderfully experienced experts, big name board and advisory members. So how can you be unique? How can you stand out? What compelling opinion or data are you willing to share that others are not? How do you see things differently and how can you prove that your perspective makes the most sense? These key questions along with this approach will help you put your best foot forward.


Trust the Experts for Media Relations 

While getting a story in print may be difficult, working with a trusted partner that is experienced in media relations is an excellent step to take. If you want to learn more about how a PR agency can be a force multiplier, reach out to the LaunchTech team today!  

Author : Steve James