Keeping Up With The Journalists – Part 1


Technology is constantly evolving, and we know it isn’t always easy keeping up with the latest cyberattacks and data breaches. Thankfully, there are tons of great media outlets that can help you stay up-to-date on the industry’s hottest trends. Here are a few of our favorite tech and cyber-based publications:    



Since launching in 2017, Axios has expanded their coverage, and we are absolutely loving it. Their newsletters are expertly curated and lack puffery, and it makes sense.. as Axios’ shtick is efficient coverage of the news that matters most without the spin. 


Why do we love it? 

In addition to their national focus, this publication started rolling out the “Axios Local” newsletter earlier this year—currently in rotation are Denver, D.C., Boston and more, but readers can expect to see Baltimore and San Francisco in the mix soon.

Launched in 2014, has established itself as an indispensable resource for…you guessed it—DevOps education and community building. With a mission to cover all aspects of DevOps, from philosophy and tools to business impact and best practices, this pub boasts one of the largest collections of original content within the DevOps realm. Visit this site, and you’re sure to find in-depth features, bylined articles, blog posts, breaking news and much more. 


Why do we love it? provides a healthy mix of reporter and contributed content, giving readers a breadth of perspectives that can help them with their development. 



Exploring emerging technologies and their potential impact on the government, NextGov is currently leading a nation-wide discussion on the industry innovations that are transforming the way our government agencies serve the people. Through a lengthy lineup of news, analyses and insights, NextGov’s award-winning journalists and expert voices provide fresh and provocative insights on key federal IT topics. 


Why do we love it? 

You can always rely on NextGov to provide the most current information on policies that are affecting today’s cybersecurity landscape. Not to mention, all content comes straight from some of the most influential thinkers across government, academia and the private sector.


Scoop News Group 

The leading public sector tech media company in the country, Scoop News Group brings together IT decision makers and influencers from government, academia and industry. 

With several in-depth newsletters, like CyberScoop, FedScoop, StateScoop, EdScoop, WorkScoop and, coming soon, DefenseScoop, this publication’s rockstar roster of writers and analysts continues to grow with time.  


Why do we love it? 

Over the past few years, these publications have solidified their stances as leading news outlets in the cyber, tech and government spaces.


The CyberWire Daily Briefing

Every weekday, The CyberWire’s Daily Briefing paints a clear and concise picture of all things cybersecurity. Whether you’re interested in technology, threats, trends, the marketplace, policy, research, education or law, you can depend on this daily briefing to keep you informed on all of the industry happenings. 


Why do we love it? 

CyberWire is extremely comprehensive, covering all different types of news and security updates. Plus, the brains behind the operation are Baltimore-based and we appreciate the hometown connection. 


Want to see your name in the news? 

While we can’t promise coverage – nobody can do that outside of paid opportunities – but we can promise that working with a PR agency is one of the best investments you can make to increase your share of voice in a very crowded market. If that sounds good to you, please reach out to us today!

Author : Emily Pellini