LaunchTech’s Wayne Schepens Delivers PR Guidance to Mach37 Cohort


Wayne Schepens, Managing Director of LaunchTech Communications, outlined the importance of public relations (PR) while leveraging social media in boosting a company’s credibility.

BALTIMORE, Oct. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — In a recent visit to Mach37, Wayne Schepens, Managing Director of LaunchTechCommunications, outlined the importance of public relations (PR) while leveraging social media in boosting a company’s credibility. It comes as no surprise that early stage technology companies are working hard to gain every possible advantage as they look to build both awareness and interest when raising capital to get off the ground. If leveraged appropriately, PR can be a game changer and help companies bolster their marketing efforts to create a competitive advantage in their sectors.

“I’m convinced that individuals and companies are increasingly becoming aware of PR’s value in relation to building brand and credibility,” said Wayne Schepens. “In recent years, the dynamics have undergone a phenomenal transformation with the introduction of social media. By leveraging social platforms, PR is able to significantly increase reach and community presence, while also establishing third party credibility.”

LaunchTech anticipates that PR’s role will continue to grow and evolve long into the future thanks in part to its agility in the marketplace. Although advertisement spending still dwarfs PR revenues, the gap is quickly narrowing. The changes are happening at a time when many agencies, including LaunchTech, are offering a combination of marketing and PR services. This allows companies to leverage the power of both PR and marketing from a single communications partner.

At its most effective, PR provides a viable solution for businesses to market, communicate and innovate strategically. When implemented correctly, it has the capacity to boost any company’s bottom line. Brilliant PR campaigns help small brands become household names. On the other hand, big businesses can consolidate and grow their positions. Prominent individuals can take advantage of PR to maintain or increase their relevance or credibility. This makes it easier to boost brand value and establish a clear competitive advantage.

“Trust is everything today, and PR informs buyers of rising technology trends in a way that allows them to cut through the noise,” addedWayne Schepens.

Today’s business environment has evolved significantly and if PR agencies hope to keep pace, they must combine psychology, journalism and attorney-like approaches to produce results. To succeed, agencies or PR professionals need to critically analyze, interpret and correctly anticipate buyer opinion and attitudes. When done in parallel with marketing, PR provides the independent third-party recognition and endorsement that simply can’t be achieved with advertising and marketing campaigns alone. To learn aboutWayne Schepens’ next visit to Mach37, please follow our blog at

Author : Matt Hampton