Navigating a Rebrand


A rebrand can be an exciting, but stressful, time for any organization. Leaving behind an older name, logo or even official color scheme can stir emotions from employees and clients alike. When done well, however, a successfully navigated rebrand can develop a fresh look while maintaining a company’s hard-earned recognition and brand reputation.


Will your organization be undergoing a rebrand in 2022? Here are some tips from the LaunchTech team:


Kate Shapiro

SVP, Operations

  • Determine your ‘why’. Rebrands that are completed for the sake of rebranding can fall flat. Pitching and receiving buy-in from leaders at all levels throughout the company and board is a critical first step. Within in this process, it’s important to be fully transparent about what you hope to gain, as well as what the brand could lose, by rebranding.
  • Define company values and pay close attention to (re)developing the mission and vision of your brand. These statements should resonate with employees at all levels as well as the customers and partners who work with your brand daily.


Sara Knott

Account Director

  • Invest in the right partners. Rebrands are a big undertaking and have a lot of moving parts. By bringing on the help of a branding company and PR agency, organizations will have the support they need in making sure they develop a new, original brand identity and that news of their rebrand reaches the appropriate audiences.
  • Update your connections. Just like you update your customers, you also need to update others in your bubble. Now is the time to reach out to your network! Make sure your organization posts about the rebrand initiative regularly on its social media channels, and that the company’s employees and board members do the same. Additionally, organizations should make sure that all reporters and analysts that they’ve previously connected with are briefed on the rebrand. This is where having a PR team can really help!


Rebranding? Work with the Experts


If your organization has a rebrand on its to-do list in 2022 or beyond, it is vital that you work with a PR agency experienced in messaging, brand promises and media relations.  It is equally important that you work with a team of PR experts that becomes an extension of your own marketing team, one that will work alongside you to navigate your rebrand. Connect with the LaunchTech team today!

Author : Steve James