From the Desk of Wayne Schepens: Perfecting Your Sales Deck


You’ve done the leg work. You found an ideal prospect. You’ve had multiple calls with all the right decision-makers and are now in the company’s conference room to give your “seal the deal” sales pitch. Everyone is pretty much on board and this meeting is more of a formality, but then, you pull up a sales deck that was created in 2018 with possibly tacky visuals and too many words. 

Now you’ve lost the room. 

You may be thinking, “Are you serious? Two years counts as outdated?” Simply put, yes. 

Each quarter, let alone each year, is a new iteration of your business, services, and operations. Your Q2 2018 sales deck is not going to magically reflect your latest successes on its own. You’ve been actively building your corporate resume, you owe it to yourself to properly reflect your accomplishments. 

Here at LaunchTech, everything we do revolves around actively crafting and revisiting messaging that gets emerging tech and cybersecurity companies noticed in noisy marketplaces. This involves frequent thought leadership interviews and brainstorming sessions. We take into consideration all your key audiences from relevant reporters to your target prospects.  

Once you have invested in creating a more modern sales deck aesthetic, adding minor messaging updates quarterly will be a piece of cake. 

Author : Wayne Schepens