The Importance of Working with a Trusted Partner


“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR.”

We appreciate the sentiment of this quote, widely attributed to Bill Gates, as it exemplifies the value an organization can receive while partnering with a PR agency. Working with a PR agency can have an extraordinarily positive impact on an organization’s reputation, and ultimately its bottom line.


While we have already detailed how an organization can get the most out of its PR agency of choice, moving beyond “vendor status” may be the most important. Once you work with an agency that goes above and beyond as an extension of your own team, your organization will begin to see lasting results and reaping returns.


Don’t Settle for a Vendor

“Vendor status” is akin to a binary code. You push an input and receive an output. While this model is consistent, it isn’t one that will enable your organization to truly exceed expectations. What organizations need more than ever is a trusted partner, someone who will work side-by-side with your team to visualize possibilities and help your organization achieve its strategic goals.


What is a Trusted PR Partner?

A trusted PR partner is one that will know your business and the industry in which it serves. This partner will immerse themselves in your team to better learn your pain points and actively work to mitigate them. A PR partner will share your foxhole during difficult times and be one of the first to celebrate your successes.


Communication is key with any relationship. A “yes man” is a vendor who wants to continue a business relationship for purely financial means. Having a true PR professional as a partner means that they may need to share hard truths. This is vital to not only the success of a campaign, but for the growth and sustainability of the relationship as well.


This two-way communication will ultimately help to build trust and will help you as the client know that your PR partner has your best interests at heart. Further, a PR partner will come to the table with innovative ideas that are custom-built for your organization based on its needs.


Stack the Deck in Your Favor

A trusted PR agency can stack the deck in your favor and help you achieve your strategic goals. While press releases and media pitching, content development, interview preparation and crisis communications experience are important (and necessary for any agency), a key differentiator is your relationship with your day-to-day PR partner. Building this relationship takes time and effort, but the results will speak for themselves.


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Author : Steve James