The Next Chapter


For college seniors, the month of May is both an exciting and terrifying time. Coursework and exams finally come to a close, but so does a very particular lifestyle that becomes comfortable after four years. All of a sudden, your university shuts and locks the door behind you and it’s time for the next chapter of your life.

But what is that next chapter exactly? For me, it is a job at LaunchTech Communications.

It doesn’t matter where you went to school, most college graduates have two things in common: a set of skills and experiences, and a crazed drive to find a job. In my case, I wasn’t looking for just any job. I had an open mind and and my hopes set on a job that would help me learn and grow into a high-energy career.

The idea of spending my summer after college like it was any other summer of my life wasn’t enough for me. As my friends solidified plans and jobs around me, part of me, my “confident side”, knew I should not compare my path in life to someone else’s. Everyone does things differently, right? But my “competitive side” refused to feel left in the dust. Especially not after I spent four years making connections and doing everything I possibly could to beef up my resume to land a job!

With all too perfect timing, the connections I made at Loyola University Maryland played a huge role in me finding the job I was looking for. As I sat around trying to grasp the idea that I was not in fact just home for a long weekend (one where I happened to have all of my belongings boxed up around me), I was forwarded an email from a communication company looking for Account Coordinators. After months of job searching and interviewing for positions I was only half interested in, this opportunity seemed too good to be true. I hadn’t found many companies looking for someone to do what I wanted to do, let alone a company actually looking for entry level communication candidates. Stop the presses, here is my application!

The job description was everything I was looking for; writing, social media, campaigns, YES! I couldn’t believe it. I wrote up a cover letter and updated my resume, and said a huge prayer to the Job Gods as I sent my best stuff over to LaunchTech Communications.

Of course I know it had more to do with me than the Job Gods that I got the job – I worked hard in college and found every bit of experience I could to prepare myself. Plus, I was eager to enter a new industry and work in an entrepreneurial setting. Although I am admittedly nervous about starting this new chapter of my life, I couldn’t be more excited to begin my PR career with LaunchTech. I am so grateful for this opportunity – this is exactly where I want to be, and I can’t wait to experience all of the challenging and rewarding things that are to come!


-Taylor Hadley, Account Coordinator


LaunchTech is excited to welcome Taylor to our team! We expect some pretty great things from her.

Author : Matt Hampton