From the Desk of Wayne Schepens: Thought Leadership, Catch Up on Efforts Often Neglected


Put Your Nervous Energy to Work

Thought leadership in cybersecurity is critical for establishing a competitive advantage, educating the market, and general brand awareness. Often business leaders’ busy travel schedules inhibit their ability to sit down and put the time into getting creative and unique thoughts down on paper. We often say to ourselves, “If I only had more time I would.” Well, now is the time!

The first step in building thought leadership is leveraging your expertise to develop opinions and, you guessed it, thoughts! If those thoughts differ from what other people are saying, that’s all the better. These sentiments can be used for blogs, contributed articles or premises for media pitching. Media capture leads into the second step of thought leadership, projecting your thoughts to a wider audience.

Reporters are certainly busy with COVID-19 but they are also starving for unrelated content. During this unprecedented time, individuals are seeking digital content for news and education. We’ve been told certain trade publications’ readerships have increased dramatically, as much as 5x. Now that many people have transitioned to working from home, they are trying to learn how they can improve their business processes, strategies and use of technologies.

As a business leader, it’s hard to ignore that some business development and client relations activities have slowed, particularly those that require in-person events or meetings. Now is the time to rely on your owned and earned brand assets to communicate with stakeholders.

Author : Wayne Schepens