From the Desk of Wayne Schepens: Public Relations – Crisis or Credibility


When approached by prospective LaunchTech clients that are new to PR, I sometimes come across the misconception that public relations is mostly reactive. Many do not realize the value of a good proactive, strategic PR program and how it can support marketing, sales and overall company reputation, and even valuation. Some think PR is for damage control and crisis communications, but in fact it’s essential to building brand awareness, thought leadership and corporate credibility. Developing a continuous pipeline of third-party validation that boosts brands’ credibility in the marketplace helps put a company on the map. It drives interest in product and perspectives from corporate leaders and certainly answers the bill to investors who are constantly probing social media and Google to see how your competitors are performing. 


PR is most effective when incorporated from the get-go. This includes engaging with an agency before even launching, or at the very least giving thought to how you want the ‘public’ to perceive your company as it gets started. PR professionals’ skills are directly complimentary to those of marketing. Both functions are geared towards establishing and growing a brand. Where PR stands out is its role of nurturing a brand’s reputation amongst a myriad of stakeholders from current customers to potential investors, establishing the brand and its executive team as thought leaders in their niche. 


If you’re considering working with a PR agency for the first time, I recommend reading up on how to get the most out of the relationship.

Author : Wayne Schepens