Critical Tools a PR Agency Brings to the Table


Regardless of whether you just closed a round of Series A funding or are a well-established global technology company, public relations is an integral part of building credibility in the marketplace. Hiring a PR agency arms your company with a robust tool kit that can augment and support your in-house team.

Press & Media Relations

It takes a village. PR agencies are well equipped to handle proactive pitching, rapid response and newsjacking without getting sidetracked by other initiatives. When engaging a PR agency that specializes in technology and cybersecurity, you can expect the added benefit of leveraging extensive, well-maintained relationships with reporters from publications that impact the industry and boost credibility like DarkReading, TechTarget and SC Magazine. If a PR agency can execute deeply-technical contributed content, that is a bonus! Contributed content refers to articles written for a publication with your byline, that showcases your expertise.

Speaking Ops & Awards

PR agencies with historical knowledge are skilled at selecting awards and suggesting earned speaking opportunities that are best for showcasing thought leadership and industry prowess and building your corporate resume. Your agency should be able to vet inbound awards to ensure they are worthwhile and recommend awards that will support market positioning for your company and product. Your agency should also be able to recommend a reasonable yearly budget for awards based on your company goals and stage of growth. 

Analyst Relations

Analyst relations initiatives are absolutely critical, especially in the technology and cyber sectors, for receiving feedback about how your services/products are viewed by potential buyers and understanding how forthcoming trends could impact your company. Your PR Agency should be able to support your AR strategy, provide guidance about which analysts you should be briefing and help you refine your presentation deck and talking points. Analysts aren’t interested in marketing verbiage, they want to understand your true points of differentiation, and a PR team can help with this.

Marketing Initiatives

Public relations and marketing overlap quite a bit. They are complementary pieces of an integrated brand strategy. It’s much more challenging to find a marketing agency that is good at PR than it is to find a PR agency that is good at marketing. This distinction simply boils down to the fact that PR requires daily communications and relationship building with key figures, media and other outlets. Thus, in your search, prioritize a PR agency that can tackle marketing initiatives such as organic and paid social media marketing and email campaigns. 


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Author : Kate D. Shapiro