Taylor Hadley

Where are you originally from?

I grew up in the small town of Pepperell, Massachusetts. I feel like I can claim partial New Hampshire residency as well; that is where I went to high school and played sports for much of my life before college.



Who inspires you?

People who take life by the horns and have a glass half full outlook on life! I am always inspired by people who don’t just sit back and let life happen to them. There are plenty of public figures I am inspired by, but daily I have many friends and family members who inspire me (which makes me think maybe I should tell them more often).



If you were invited to give a TED Talk, what would it be about?

Do I have to pick one? I have a lot of interests and frankly a lot of opinions! It would probably be a talk on “why you should study abroad in college”… This is a topic I never get tired of talking about. You’re not going to mention Spain to me in passing without some sort of story about my time living there in college. And I’m not sorry about it!



What are your hobbies?

I am obsessed with ice hockey. You can find me playing, watching or coaching hockey on any given day of the week. Additionally, I am a Commissioner for two women’s college club ice hockey leagues. My goal is to help increase opportunities for young women to keep playing after college. Opportunities for men in ice hockey abound, but the women’s game is still evolving and it’s a really exciting time to be part of its growth.



What is one fact about you someone won’t get from your LinkedIn profile?

I love to travel and hike! My goal is to see every National Park in the United States. In 2019, I was able to visit the Great Smoky Mountains and also Niagara Falls. My favorite trip so far ever has been to Zion National Park. I am torn between going back, and going somewhere new!



What do you find most interesting about cybersecurity or technology?

That it’s a constant cat and mouse game – as long as there’s money to be made or some sort of motivator driving them, adversaries are always going to figure out ways around or through the technology that good guys are building to defend our networks and data. There’s no question that we have critical data that needs to be protected, so the constant innovation that goes into keeping bad guys out is fascinating!



What is some advice you have for students preparing to enter the field of PR?

Expect the unexpected! No two days are alike, and just when you’ve settled into your to-do list for the day, three things will be added to your plate. You have to be able to plan for the unplanned, which means there is never a dull moment.


You can follow Taylor on Twitter using @TaylorHadleyPR

Author : Matt Hampton