Tori Odom

Tori Odom

Where are you originally from? 

Born and raised in MD, grew up in Bel Air, MD!


Who inspires you? 

I would say my grandfather. He is 92 years old and acts like he is 25! He has lived through so much (a war veteran, living all over the country and the world), he has so many stories that I love hearing about. He also still has a Harley Davidson!

If you were invited to give a TED Talk, what would it be about?

Probably the importance of experiences. Any experience, no matter how big or small. Whether this means not spending money on pointless items and spending it on a memorable trip with my friends instead. Or, putting the phone down and spending quality time with my family going on walks. The past year has taught me that life is too unexpected, and goes too fast to do anything but live it to the fullest.


Where is your dream vacation destination? 

Anywhere tropical. I love the beach, ranging anywhere from Ocean City, Maryland to Key West, Florida. 


How did you come to find yourself at LaunchTech?

I was in the market for a career change into PR, and I was lucky enough to stumble across LaunchTech’s LinkedIn page!


Author : Wayne Schepens